Welcome to our webspace. CALYPSO was a queer youth organization run by youths to provide much needed resources for education and support of other youth groups in the community. Some time ago, we had to give up our struggle because the program could no longer financial support itself. All that is left is our webspace that is maintained by our vollunteers. If you'd like to learn more about what Calypso was, read on.

One of our missions was to link as many youths together as we can, mostly by reaching out to local community support groups. Our ultimate mission was to link together every youth from coast to coast, reaching every city within our great Canadian borders.

Connecting youth was what we did. Our hope was that we could help to eliminate the pain and isolation that many teenagers go through as they grow up and become more than just aware of their sexuality. Most importantly is the need for queer to know that they are not alone in their struggle. They need to know how they too can find others that understand what they're going through.We want to help

If you'd like anything published in on our webspace, please feel free to send it to us by email - stories, news articles, drawings or even photograghs will be heartily welcomed!
Here were our stats:

C/O 519 Community Center
519 Church Street

Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 2C9

Our email is still active, but we're sorry to say we have no one qualified to respond to serious issues. Our webspace is all that we have left. Email us at cwalypso@reocities.com
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If you are interested in talking to other gay guys from all over Canada (or the US or UK), then perhaps you may find this site more interesting:

GML is a free voluntary service whose mission is similar to ours, to promote discussion and facilitate reaching out. The site is open to all ages. GML is a new service to Canada, but shows the potential to becoming something much more. By showing our support in building up our gay community, we all help eachother.

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