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Adoption is not the happy little fairy tale you might think it is.


Just a few words to let you know a little about me, how I feel about adoption, and how I became anti-adoption.

Adoption Book Reviews

Reviews of adoption related books. You can also buy these books from if you follow the links.

My Story:

My personal story of adoption. You'll find that I have many experiences in common with other mothers who lost their children to adoption.

My Pregnancy
The Hospital
My Daughter's Birth

Exploring Adoption Issues:

Adoption Movies
Adoption Statistics
Advertising Children
Advice to Pregnant Mothers
Anger and Hatred in Adoption
Open Adoption Discussion
Prejudice in Adoption
Sandy's Speech
Utah: Stealing Children for Money
Why Adopt?

Adoptee's Tragic Stories:

Adopted Killers

Butch & Carrol Acosta
Cory McLaughlin
Danielle & Sisters
Roberta Evers
Sarah Jean deVries
Tyrone Conn

Parents' Tragic Stories:

Charity and Petra
Dennis's Story
Melody and John
Mike & Kristi's Story
Mary Elizabeth Schipke
Taler's Abuse

My Adoption Poetry:

A Daughter
The Ghost of Living Children
Nature Nurtures
Not Open, Not Closed
To My Daughter

Links to Other Adoption Sites:

Americans for Open Records
Australian Adoption Inquiry
CPS Watch
Jessica's Anti-Adoption Pages
Natural Mothers & Oppression
NSW Origins
Queensland Origins
Sandy Musser Adoption Author & Activist
South Australia Origins
Study: Mom's & Adoption
Tasmania Origins

(I'm really not too sure about this last link. They do have SOME good ideas.)

More About Me

I'm just a normal human being. I just happen to be among the first to find out that adoption is not necessary.

Guest Book:

Please Don't Be Rude. Yes, people affected by adoption are often angry and sad, which makes them sometimes very rude. If you want to be rude or disagree do it by E-mail

I reserve the right to publish any e-mail that I receive -- without other permission obtained from the sender. I may hide your name and address to protect your privacy. The only reason I can think of where I might choose to publish your address is where you are particularly abusive.

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