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Well, I've added Madagor and Amador. I plan on adding the others shortly. However..I don't have a link to Madagor on any of the pages yet..sooo...Here it is...Madagor There are sure to be errors with links and other stuff...please feel free to contact me with them. Any other errors, please contact me on RoD (my Name is Talis) or email at the address below. This is the only page completly updated as well. It's the only page right now with my email on So...this is were you should try to get back to each time :)


Immortals, in there infinite wisdom and finite coding time, may have addedto these maps. If you find an error, please e-mail me. Thanx

The Elven Forest| Thelbane Forest| Dunress Pass| Treemalking Forest| Valeris Forest

Lirath| Iapage| Hylar| Rhone| KT| Pesvint| Ukaeri| West Madagor| East Madagor| Amador|

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