I thought I would include an update on what's been happening in my life. I know there are some of you out there that have an interest.

As of today, November 13, 1998, I am leaving my place of employment here in California. Yep, today's my last day. And starting in December, I'll be working for a pharmaceutical company in the Hudson River Valley of New York. I have been job hunting for as long as I can remember it seems, but in reality it has only been for about a year. I've traveled to the 4 corners of the country looking: Arizona, Washington, North Carolina ... before finally settling on New York.

As some of you know, California and my life out here have drained my soul for the last few years. Being disconnected from the land ... from a garden ... from my beloved trees. So while some might consider California "The Golden State", I am glad to be heading back home. Back to 4 seasons, which I have missed so dearly.

So I will be heading back, alone for now. For reasons that do not need to be mentioned here my family will join me later. It will be difficult on all of us, especially the boys. Yes, that word is plural. For I now have 2 sons, Matthew and Joseph. To look at them as anything other than a blessing would be an insult to the miracle of birth. I will miss them, especially Matthew. He and I have grown so close lately. He's a wonderful little man...*proud poppa smile*

So that's it in a nutshell. Be careful out there, and if you should think of old Q, "smile a little smile for me."