Chandler Bryan
I know, I know, a personal website.  Eeewww, how vain.  I don't expect a lot of websurfers from Capetown or Irkutsk to come skimming in here and be fascinated, but maybe if you know me you'd like to see pictures of Julia or my guitars or some of the furniture I've made.  Well OK then.  (Chandler),  (Jennifer)
Last update:  9/21/2009 Acoustic guitar No. 2
12/3/07 -  I have started a new acoustic guitar.  For the blow by blow, use the first link below.
Homemade Acoustic Guitar No. 2. Complete.
Homemade Acoustic Guitar No. 1. Handmade by me.  First of many acoustics, I hope.
Homemade Les Paul style Electric Guitar! Handmade by me, the first guitar I made..
Woodworking Projects I make furniture and other stuff from wood.  Have a look...
Guitars I have some nice axes... have a look!
Music Making I have recorded a CD of original songs.  Read all about it.
Good Albums Here's a list of my reccommendations for excellent pop albums.
The Shop, Tools, etc.   Here's where I make the stuff I make...
Julia Here are photos of my beautiful daughter.
Books We Like Just in case you want to know...
The Wild Beasts Have a peek at the dogs and cats that have graced our homes. 
Family Photos Just what you'd think...
The House Renovations and  descriptions of my big ol' house.
Jen's Upholstery Jen's done some pretty cool stuff... here it is.
Funny Stuff Well, I think so anyway...
Interesting... Well, I think so anyway...