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...Who was that Masked Man?...

Wow...I sure love the fact that geocities made sure the page setup design takes into account a blind chimp who drools on his crotch might one day want to make a website. Jagoffs. Anyway, I'll keep this short. I'm going live with my domain thanks to some help from a friend of a friend, so this site is going to be dying out ver shortly, to be replaced with a link to my real site. I know you're all waiting with excitement...as you should. L8r kids. -Jesus

  • I wish I could say all the buttons on the side work, but then I'd be lying.
  • I'm hoping to eventually replace all of said buttons with one handy dandy image map.
  • If I ever become truly cool, this whole structure is going to be moved to jesuskryst.com...wouldn't that rock like Foghat? Yeah, I know it would.
  • At the very least, all of the pages contained within will be updated on at least a monthly basis, with hopefully a weekly rant page thrown in for latin flavor.
  • I fuckin' hate writing code in notepad. Say damned sterile looking.
  • Oh, BTW, I got rid of the splash screen. It looked dumb as hell, and that banner was bugging me. Something cool will be up in its place soon.