Poems and Thoughts in Rhyme

Miscellaneous Subjects

        These are poems and thoughts in rhyme provided for
   your enjoyment.  Should you want to publish some or all of them,
   please get my permission first.  Most listed were copyrighted before
   2000 when they were printed at my request in a soft cover book
   form by Watermark Press of Olney, Maryland.  The most recent poem,
   "The Foodstore Challenge," is really a delight since it is very
   descriptive of the experience of most parents. 
          I hope you enjoy all of the poetry.  Please email any comments
   you may care to make to my current email address--ahub@comcast.net--
   which differs from the old address "ahuber@erols.com" I was using
   when this page was first established.

Thanks, Al Huber


  1. A Bug Panic Forgiveness
  2. A Daughter
  3. A Look into the Future
  4. A New Bedtime Prayer
  5. Age
  6. An Anniversary Toast

  7. Balloons
  8. Bees
  9. Blooms
  10. Boxes
  11. Butterflies

  12. Cats
  13. Cartoons
  14. Cupid's Call

  15. Death
  16. Dogs
  17. Doors

  18. Fear
  19. Fickle Weather
  20. Fireman
  21. Flowers
  22. Flying Bug Thing
  23. Friendship

  24. Happy Anniversary
  25. Hello & Goodbye
  26. Hula Hoop, Hula Hoop

  27. I'm Brave! I'm Confident! I Can Do It!

  28. Laughter
  29. Leaves Like You
  30. Loneliness

  31. Milk and Cookies
  32. Moon and Sun
  33. My Doll's Love
  34. My Kite
  35. My Security Blanket
  36. My Wife

  37. Nature's Disruption Instantaneously
  38. Noise
  39. Not Seeing
  40. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (With Added Stanza)

  41. Ode to Nurses
  42. Our Child - The Woman
  43. Our First Snow
  44. Our Flag
  45. Our Pet

  46. Peanuts
  47. Perpetual Strangers
  48. Playing in the Dirt Again
  49. Playtime
  50. Potatoes (Baked, Chips, French Fries, Home Fries, Mashed, Scalloped)
  51. Potato Salads (American, German)
  52. Pretty Birds, Pretty Birds

  53. Remember When?
  54. Roses

  55. Soul
  56. Springtime Revisited
  57. Summer Fun

  58. The Answers to the Questions
  59. The Chance Meeting
  60. The Female Challenge
  61. The Foodstore Challenge
  62. The Joy of Colors
  63. The Mirror
  64. The Morning After Christmas Eve
  65. The Parade View
  66. The Seasons
  67. The Shadow Image
  68. The Silence of Love
  69. The Silent Sports Crowd
  70. The Stranger's Knock at Nighttime
  71. The Sun
  72. The True View
  73. The Turn of Life
  74. The Washington Monument
  75. Tick Tock
  76. Time
  77. Time to Do
  78. Tom and Jerry
  79. Tooth Fairy
  80. True Romance
  81. Trying
  82. Trying and Succeeding

  83. We are One
  84. What's a Day's Difference?
  85. Winning the Race
  86. Work and Leisure

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