After reading the current info on both AVG and Spybot I am going to recommend that you download Spybot. The reason I am recommending this on is because you already have a antivirus program installed on your pc and free version of AVG is anti virus only. Spybot will cover what the antivirus does not, that being the spyware and adware.

While you are downloading stuff I would also like you to add a remote desktop application so that if you need something fixed and I can't get up to your house for a while I can fix it for you from my computer. I use TightVNC click here to download it. And click the top option that is bold in the first table on the page. You can go ahead and install it once it is done downloading. If I remember correctly it does not start automatically but if you see a little icon with a v on it down by the clock in the lower right hand corner give me a call because you don't want it to be running when we aren't using it.