This is yet more of me, Marilyn Kurtz! Sick of me yet?? If you noticed, this isn't the same Geocities "neighborhood" you started out in. I couldn't fit everything into one page!! I have a bunch of things on this page that I think is cool, including yet another webring of mine devoted to that totally awesome decade known as the 80s. Also, here is the place to see a lil bit about my family. And, for those of you who actually enjoy Microsoft the software this THING brings to us, DON'T visit my anti-microsoft page. You're better off not knowing. For the rest of us normal people, however, visit it and enjoy the links I've added in! I also love to write, so I've put in the beginnings of a story I've been working on. Feel free to read it and respond to it (there's a submission form at the bottom) if you'd like. I appreciate any feedback. At any rate, I hope you enjoy what I've constructed and if you have any questions, email me!

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These are my Beanie Babies!! (Snip if on the left and Nip is on the right)

<---- This is my sister Mara's Beanie Baby :) Her name is Mystic.

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