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Biographies of Saints and writings on spirituality

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About this page

This page is about my thoughts on spiritual practices based on experiences, though I have included biographies of various saints. Please read the following page for an introduction to Spirituality, Yoga, and Hinduism. It is essential that you read the above link before reading this page.

As with any work, this work is humbly dedicated to my divine parents, who made me aware of their ever-present Love and Grace. To Them, I offer my humble obeisances again and again since I have nothing else to offer. Though it is indeed the Will of God that allowed me to write this work, the mind-body, as they are, is imperfect. A tool, in their Hands; nevertheless an imperfect tool. Therefore, please forgive me for any mistakes.


I have tried to present biographies and select works of a few Hindu saints, who I respect. I have only presented very brief biographies, and this clearly does not do justice to the lives they led. Therefore, I have provided a few reference books for your reading. Please note that I have included the lives of saints who lived before the 19th century.

Writing about the saints who have graced Bharat (India) is difficult because they are innumerable. Even though some are more famous than the others, that does not, in any way, reflect their knowledge [of God] or devotion [to God] they expressed. Compounded by this is that most of the saints hardly mentioned about their lives, their families etc because they had already surrendered to God. Thus, they were indifferent to the grossly material events in life and were more concerned in singing God's glory, establishing a way to get out of life's misery and attain eternal happiness. Further, they were extremely humble. For example, one of the best poets of the Hindi literature, Shri Tulasidas considered himself a childish babbler and his composition clumsy.

If there are lessons to be learnt from the lives of the saints (and there are indeed many lessons), it is that they lived a simple life, conquering the six `enemies` (lust, jealousy, anger etc..), surrendering attachments to `tan, man, dhan` (body, mind, riches) and being established in Brahman.


Adi Shankara
Madhusudana Sarasvati
Vasishtha and Vyasa

Step into the realm of vedanta From your computer


Below are some writings, based on my inadequate experiences. All I know is that we are neither the body or the mind and Thinking is not our real nature.


Introduction to Vedanta
The glory of the divine parents
Living a spiritual life
Pain and suffering
Emotions, yoga and duality
Individuality is an illusion

Contact Information

Comments and suggestions are highly welcomed. I am willing to discuss religion/spirituality but not argue about it. Some portions of the thoughts page may even sound controversial, but they are nothing other than advaita, as I understand it. Please ask if you have any questions or doubts. Before that, please do read satsang, a collection of emails.

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