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Do you like Sex Pistolz? Clash? Then get LOST!

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This place is for THE PUNKS*, not just punks who like noisy music!

Still here?
Well, maybe you're the right man. Maybe someone we can trust told you about this place...
Maybe it was even Dead Moroz...
maybe it was HIM?
Maybe The Punk Timur Himself told you about this place?
C'mon, keep digging, man!
If you can find something to dig, of course. The place is still under construction, you know.
Bye the way, if you're new here, please check some techical info below just to make sure everything will work perfectly in your browser.

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Technical & Troubleshooting section

Well, thanks for coming down here. I guess it's a good idea to read the following section once before using the Official Punks Homepage. Every possible effort was made to make this page as great as possible, and so... Due to the damned incompability of two main web-browsers I had to make this Tech section. So, check the following links.



Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator with audio plug-ins

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Both Navigator and Explorer on one system

Other web browsers

Still have troubles?

Three big animated buttons up there let you choose the language. If you can't read any of the following: -, then you probably can use only the left one, with the word "English" over it. In other case, you can also check one of the remaining two, which both lead to the Russian section of the page in two different codings ( KOI-8 or ). Two Russian sections are same, but the contents of English and Russian sections are NOT the same. So if you can read Russian, I suggest you check the English version also; if you can't... well, learn to! You're missing a whole lot of fun :-)

As you may happen to know :-), there are two top-line web browsers currently available - Netscape Navigator 3.0 (preferrable) and MS Internet Explorer 3.0. They're both great, but while there are TWO of them over there and they are NOT fully compatible (don't listen to them saying the contrary), especially in the question of sound and music (and in other things too), and I wanted my page look and SOUND good in both cases. So I had to make some things that made my page look a bit worse and a bit more hard to tune for some of you - you can thank the browser authors for that, especially the dudes in MicroSoft (whose IE was shipped later than their competitors'). As you may have already guessed, two "thirds" are best for viewing my page. I didn't test it with any other browsers, but I suppose it looks and feels worse with previous versions of them as well as with other ones. So do many other web pages. So if I were you, who still don't have one of them, I'd download one just now.

The Official Punks Homepage was configured for Netscape Navigator 3.0 as a primary browser. That means that it MUST work at 100% with Navigator and a bit worse with other software. In Netscape you'll see audio control panel on each page, which look exactly like this one: . Play around with it now - for example, turn off that annoying music. Note for IE users: if you see a control panel up there, go here immediately! If you're NOT IE user, but still can't see any control panel (or see only a part of it), you probably have some audio plug-in installed. Still here? Great! On most pages, MIDI sequence is played once. If you want to hear it again, just press the PLAY button. If you want to turn it off, press STOP. You may ask, why did I cut a piece from the standard audio panel and didn't put it full? Well, three main buttons is enouth, and poor IE users don't see even this on their screen: instead, they see an empty rectangle with a dull Active-X icon in it. Is it cool? No. So I made this rectangle as small as possible for them. Well, happy NN users, now you know averything you need to know, surf on! Still here? Well...

If the thing you see up there doesn't remind you any audio control panel (or at least not the functional one), but you're using Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or 2.0), then you probably have some audio plug-in installed. That maybe allright (the music is playing, I suppose), but you may not have access to some of the audio controls. For example, you may see only a part of the control panel on the screen (like with 'Crescendo'), or some other garbage. If it's OK with you (since the music is on) - go on!. If not, read on.

Try to remember, which audio plug-ins have you downloaded. The best thing to do now is to delete them ALL from your hard drive and NEVER try to install any audio plug-ins again later. Maybe they`re great (haven't seen one, though), but Navigator has a GOOD AUDIO PLAYER in it already. It comes with a standard downloadeable package and probably sits in your NETSCAPE\PROGRAM\PLUGIN directory right now if you haven't followed some other plug-in's silly instruction to delete it. You can check what plug-ins are installed using Help/About Plug-ins menu in Navigator. The standard NN audio plug-in is called LiveAudio and must be in this list. If it isn't, get here. If it is, find another plug-in that is supposed to handle .MID files, remember it's file name (something.dll), exit Navigator, get to NAVIGATOR\PROGRAM\PLUGIN directory and rename the remembered file to something.bak. Return to Navigator and get back here. If you still don't have a readeable panel, repeat the procedure, or, if still no result, get here.

If the LiveAudio plug-in is NOT in the list of your Navigator's plug-ins, the things are bad. Remember, what did you do with it - 'cos it was you or someone who used your computer. Other plug-ins, who have aggressive approach to competitors, usually ask you to rename LiveAudio file ('npaudio.dll') to something (like 'xnpaudio.dll'). Exit Navigator. Go check your NETSCAPE\PROGRAM\PLUGIN directory. If it is there - rename it back (to 'npaudio.dll'), rerun Navigator and then repeat the procedure from here . If it's not there and you can't remember what you've done to it - the only thing to do is to reinstall Navigator on your system. And never, NEVER do load any damned plugins again later! LiveAudio is the most SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE, BUG-FREE and EFFICIENT application to get all the effing sound experience off the Web!

So maybe you're the proud owner of Microsoft Internet Explorer! Well, congratulations. Microsoft has a wonderful gift of making great software and turning it into a bag of headaches by one single move. Their main problem is, they don't like competitors. It is hard to be the BEST so they think it's easier (and cheaper) to be the ONLY. So when they make another web-browser they make it so, that, while it understands most of original HTML script and also some improved HTML script, it does not understand some things written for Netscape Navigator. They make an improved version of an old command, and the web-author must decide, which way to go: to write for a good old Navigator or to use an improved thing from Microsoft, which usually is easier. Why does Explorer not understand the old and simple EMBED command used to bring music into HTML documents in Navigator? It brings something in Explorer OK, but why not the music? I don't know :-(

Still, it is not of your concern :-) You can use IE with Punks Homepage. You won't have audio controls, though, but only a place for them instead (an empty rectangle on top of each page). That's all. But-

-if you have both Internet Explorer AND Netscape Navigator on your system - use the latter! Or else you'll get some error messages on each page (which are not fatal, but a bit annoying).

I haven't tested this page with other browsers except Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, so I'd be glad to know how it looks there. Please write me about it.

If you have encountered a bug you can't fix with all the instructions above? Whoah! Report it, then!